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Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma
1727 NW 16th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73106


Lyric encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to audition. Lyric hires Equity and Non-Equity performers, working under a URTA contract with Actors' Equity Association. Lyric participates in the Equity membership program.

Audition Dates 
September 13th - 2015 Plaza Spring shows
For details of each date please read below

2014 Summer Season Auditions
All calls for our Summer 2014 Season have been made.
Calls for our 100 person choir will begin on Thursday April 17th


May 12th

Auditions for A CHRISTMAS CAROL  4:30PM

Lyric Theatre's production center
Located at 1801 NW 16th Street Oklahoma City
Please call for an appointment beginning  April 28th 405-524-9310

By J.B. Priestley
A classic British Thriller in which an Inspector investigates the death of a young girl.
Michael Baron - Director

Rehearsal - Sept. 23rd
Opening - Oct. 8th
Closing - Oct. 25th

Please prepare a 1 to 2 minute dramatic monologue 

Unless noted, the following roles are available:

Sybil Birling - Cast

Arthur Birling -  is a "heavy-looking, rather portentous man in his middle fifties", husband of Sybil and father of Sheila and Eric Birling. He represents the capitalist ruling class, repeatedly describing himself with pride as a "hard-headed businessman", and the head of a patriarchal family structure, and is arguably the main subject of Priestley's social critique. Dominant, arrogant, self-centred and morally blind, he is insistent throughout about his lack of responsibility for Eva/Daisy's death.

Sheila Birling - The Birlings' eldest child, described as a very pretty girl in her mid-twenties, 'very pleased and rather excited', and quite delighted about her engagement to Gerald. She starts out as a playful, self-centred girl who loves attention

Eric Birling - is the son of Arthur Birling and Sybil Birling. Eric is revealed to have made Eva Smith pregnant as well as stolen some money from his father's business to support Eva (although she refuses the money once she knows it is stolen). Eric is revealed to be an alcoholic.

Gerald Croft - the son of Sir George Croft of Crofts Limited, a competitor of Birling and Company, he is at the Birling residence to celebrate his recent engagement to Sheila Birling.

Inspector Goole - a mysterious interrogator who introduces himself as "Inspector Goole" (as in "ghoul"),

Eva Smith/Daisy Renton - the unseen working class woman who Goole claims has committed suicide whilst pregnant with Eric Birling's baby, and who has been mistreated by each member of the Birling family and by Gerald Croft.

Edna - is the maid at the Birling household.



Adapted by Michael Baron 
Michael Baron - Director
Ashley Wells - Choreographer
Brian Hamilton - Music Director

Children's auditions will take place May 12th   at 4:30pm (sign up beginning at 3:30pm) 

Please sing any Christmas Carol of your choice a cappella 
no need to call for an appointment

Rehearsals Nov. 11th-Nov. 28th
Opens Nov. 28th
Closes Dec. 27th

Available roles:
*All children ages 7-18
We have 2 casts 
Tiny Tim
Peter Cratchit/Boy Scrooge
Martha Cratchit/School girl
Belinda Cratchit/School Girl
Fan/ School Girl
Turkey Boy/Ignorance/School Boy
Want/School Girl

September 13th
2015 Plaza Spring Show Auditions
1801 NW 16th Street
Please bring a non-returnable headshot and resume
Details will be listed at a later date